The short-term SME loan – stay flexible

With our short-term SME loan, SMEs can absorb liquidity at short notice and at attractive conditions. The term for the short-term SME loan is one to six months. One of the most important advantages is that you only have to pay back the total costs (loan amount and interest) at the end of the term. The amortization or the monthly installments no longer apply. Take advantage of this and pre-finance invoices or bridge seasonal fluctuations without expensive interim repayments.


Short-term SME loan: Cheap alternative to factoring

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Factoring is a way to get short-term liquidity from the accounts receivable book without having to wait for your customer to pay the bill. You hand over your invoice to the factoring provider and receive liquidity. The factoring provider also takes on the risk of default in real factoring for you. Another way of factoring is that the invoice only serves as security and you get a loan. In this case, however, the risk of default remains with you. Factoring is usually associated with high interest rates. To be able to use factoring at all, you as an SME have to sell a receivable or present it as security.

With our short-term SME loan we would like to offer you a cheap alternative to factoring. You do not have to sell us any receivables, but for a short-term SME loan we take a holistic view of your company and check your application with the standards of a credit check. If you want to give us your accounts receivable book as security, we can also offer you better conditions. However, this is not a requirement.


What can you use the short-term SME loan for?

business loan: Cheap alternative to factoring

Use our short SME loan to

  • Prepay bills
  • to meet short-term liquidity needs or also
  • to pre-finance your current assets.


How does the short SME loan work?

How does the short SME loan work?

On our business loan website you can use our loan calculator to determine the loan amount and the term. Accordingly, you can view your monthly installment and start planning your loan. So far you could choose a term between 12 and 60 months.

With our short-term SME loan, you now have the option to set your term between one and six months. As soon as you have decided to apply for a business loan with us within this term, you will automatically benefit from the advantages of our short-term SME loan.

Use the short-term SME loan if you want to optimize your liquidity, finance research projects or invest in the growth of your company. Of course, you can also use the SME short-term loan to repay existing loans. On our overview page for SMEs you have the opportunity to choose between different needs.

Try our SME short-term loan calculator straight away and become flexible when it comes to liquidity optimization.


The short-term SME loan for our investors: the most important information

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Our short-term SME loan gives you as an investor the opportunity to invest in a completely new asset class. By financing a short-term SME loan, you can additionally diversify your portfolio and thus also increase your return.

Important information for you as an investor:

  • If you plan to invest in a short-term SME loan, a direct debit (LSV + / Debit Direct) is required . Without this, an investment in a short-term SME loan is not possible. So we can debit your account directly on the due date and you have no further effort.
  • As with our installment loans, our solidarity agreement is also valid here . The fact that the short-term SME loan is a completely new type of loan means that the solidarity agreement applies to all investors of the same rating level who have investments in a short-term SME loan.
  • Due to the short term, as an investor you can not resell your investments on the secondary market .

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