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Summer, time for holidays in Italy and abroad and above all for expenses. Many of us will spend more or less short periods abroad and to avoid traveling with large sums of money they will use credit and debit cards (prepaid or debit cards).  

How can you avoid bad surprises such as malfunctions or excessive and unnecessary commissions and unwanted expenses?  

Here are some simple rules for managing holiday expenses without anxiety:


Before leaving, always consult the bank


Some circuits active in Italy cannot be used abroad others require a specific authorization to be requested from the company that issues the card. So always go to the bank to make sure your card is fully functional once you arrive.


Which credit or debit card to use?

All our credit and debit cards are enabled for both payment and withdrawal; however the withdrawal fees are normally higher with credit cards and therefore wherever possible use the ATM for withdrawals.  


Check the ceilings

credit cards

Before leaving check with your bank the ceilings of the various cards. The credit card normally has a single monthly limit while the ATM has both monthly and daily limits for both the withdrawal and the payments that you need to know.


Theft, cloning or loss what to do?

The advice is only one: immediately call the bank or international block numbers to deactivate the lost card. In case of fraudulent use, the disavowal of the movements will allow us to obtain a refund.


Choose the local currency

credit cards

If paying in a non-EU area, if requested, it is advisable to always choose to pay in local currency, this allows you to avoid exchange rates applied by the operator, which are less and less favorable and implicit commissions .


With the app always under control

With the Relax Banking mobile app you can always monitor all payments in real time with a simple gesture. For those who are less familiar with smartphones and apps, there is always the possibility of obtaining notification of the single expenditure movement through SMS.


Which card for children traveling alone?

Which card for children traveling alone?

Children especially if on their first trip abroad alone they may not pay proper attention to credit card security rules. The best solution in this case is a prepaid card, it is an excellent tool available on the same circuits as the major credit cards that allows the same practicality of use (normally it does not however allow hotels to be booked and car rental deposits)) but with a limited ceiling that may be reintegrated by the family with a simple top-up.

To each his own card then and if there is still some doubt contact the bank you will certainly have the answers you expect.

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