Payday loans without income – how to get payday loans without certificates?

Lack of permanent employment does not mean that you do not have regular income. After all, you can receive income from other sources, e.g. retirement, disability or passive income.

Thinking about such people, an online no-income payday program was created. However, other conditions must be met, including demonstrate an unqualified credit history.

Instant income without income – what is it about?

Instant income without income - what is it about?

Instantaneous payroll without income certificates is a quick loan that you can take without leaving your home via the internet. It is granted for a short period and small amounts. Such a loan can be obtained in only fifteen minutes. Its biggest advantage is primarily the availability and minimum formalities that must be met to receive it.

In fact, it’s enough to stay in Poland and have an ID card or other document confirming your identity. To take a quick loan, go to the lender’s website and complete the form there.

For some loans, the entered data is confirmed by a transfer from a personal account to the lender’s specified account. Instant income without income requires no such action, all you need is an active phone number.

Payday loans for 18 years without income

Payday loans for 18 years without income

Products such as payday loans are intended to be available to anyone who is 18 years of age or older. Lack of formalities is quite a big temptation for people who are in a financial trap. However, you must remember that this is a loan like any other, and failure to comply with the terms of the contract may end badly.

Payday loans for 18 years without income is financial assistance, for which the APRC can reach from several to even several thousand percent. Therefore, the decision to enlist it should be well thought out.

Payday loans as proof of income

Payday loans as proof of income

As mentioned earlier, payday loans with no income are dedicated to people who, for various reasons, cannot get a bank loan, and a cash injection would be very useful to them.

Such loans are usually granted within a dozen or so or several dozen minutes. If we have a bank account in the same bank as the lender, then the transfer will go to our account in the blink of an eye.

Otherwise, the waiting time may be extended to 24 hours. Instantaneous proof is a solution for both working people and pensioners, pensioners or people receiving benefits. Such people can count on a special offer of loans for pensioners.

Instant income without online income

Instant income without online income

On the market you can find a whole bunch of loan offers without certificates. Some are less, others more attractive, but the final decision on the choice of loan remains in our hands. Easy access to cash is such a temptation that some people apply for payday loans without income over the internet, without paying attention to the conditions they offer.

Hasty decisions in this case can lead to loss. Before our attention is drawn to a specific payday loan without income over the internet, you should review a few or a dozen proposals from other institutions. This will allow you to choose the offer best suited to our needs, expectations and financial capabilities.

On the web you can easily find a ranking of payday loans without certificates. After determining the amount of the loan and the repayment period, our eyes will appear ordered by the attractiveness of payday loans without online income.

Even if the payday loan offer is already selected, read the contract carefully again so that later you do not find yourself unable to meet the conditions stated in it. If in doubt, contact your facility representative and dispel your doubts.

Credit cards and debit cards

Summer, time for holidays in Italy and abroad and above all for expenses. Many of us will spend more or less short periods abroad and to avoid traveling with large sums of money they will use credit and debit cards (prepaid or debit cards).  

How can you avoid bad surprises such as malfunctions or excessive and unnecessary commissions and unwanted expenses?  

Here are some simple rules for managing holiday expenses without anxiety:


Before leaving, always consult the bank


Some circuits active in Italy cannot be used abroad others require a specific authorization to be requested from the company that issues the card. So always go to the bank to make sure your card is fully functional once you arrive.


Which credit or debit card to use?

All our credit and debit cards are enabled for both payment and withdrawal; however the withdrawal fees are normally higher with credit cards and therefore wherever possible use the ATM for withdrawals.  


Check the ceilings

credit cards

Before leaving check with your bank the ceilings of the various cards. The credit card normally has a single monthly limit while the ATM has both monthly and daily limits for both the withdrawal and the payments that you need to know.


Theft, cloning or loss what to do?

The advice is only one: immediately call the bank or international block numbers to deactivate the lost card. In case of fraudulent use, the disavowal of the movements will allow us to obtain a refund.


Choose the local currency

credit cards

If paying in a non-EU area, if requested, it is advisable to always choose to pay in local currency, this allows you to avoid exchange rates applied by the operator, which are less and less favorable and implicit commissions .


With the app always under control

With the Relax Banking mobile app you can always monitor all payments in real time with a simple gesture. For those who are less familiar with smartphones and apps, there is always the possibility of obtaining notification of the single expenditure movement through SMS.


Which card for children traveling alone?

Which card for children traveling alone?

Children especially if on their first trip abroad alone they may not pay proper attention to credit card security rules. The best solution in this case is a prepaid card, it is an excellent tool available on the same circuits as the major credit cards that allows the same practicality of use (normally it does not however allow hotels to be booked and car rental deposits)) but with a limited ceiling that may be reintegrated by the family with a simple top-up.

To each his own card then and if there is still some doubt contact the bank you will certainly have the answers you expect.

Credit & Death Insurance, Illness / Accident, Unemployment

If you take out a consumer loan, the question arises of insurance protection if problems arise. Which insurance policies are you dealing with exactly? Which are mandatory and which are voluntary? Are the services different depending on the bank or are they the same for everyone? When and for how long are they used?

3 insurances come into question:

  • Whole life insurance
  • Health and accident insurance
  • unemployment insurance


Mandatory and voluntary insurance

insurance loan

Death insurance compulsory

Death insurance is the only compulsory insurance. It is already included in the interest rate.

Voluntary insurance is advisable

We recommend that you also take out health and accident insurance and unemployment insurance, especially if you have raised a large amount. If you want to take the risk of not taking out any of these insurances, make sure that with 30% less income you are still able to pay your monthly installments without restricting your basic needs.


Whole life insurance

loan insurance

In the event of death, the loan is simply canceled and the insurance company pays the entire amount back to the bank. And if you are married or live in a cohabitation, you do not have to worry, your partner does not have to repay anything!

The life insurance benefits are subject to the Consumer Credit Act and are therefore uniform for all banks.


Health and accident insurance

credit insurance

Differences between banks: the start of services

At what point does health and accident insurance come into effect if you have a health problem that prevents you from working and can therefore repay your loan?

First of all, the contract must run for at least 3 months.

Then it depends on the individual banks when the insurance starts. In general, the insurance company intervenes from the 4th month after the health problems have arisen. However, there are also deviations, the insurance of the GenMax Bank (in French) only pays your monthly installments from the 7th month.

Insurance coverage can last up to a maximum of 2 years, which is the statutory period. The disability insurance then takes over.


unemployment insurance

unemployment insurance

The same applies to unemployment insurance: your contract must have been running for at least 3 months.

Afterwards, the insurance only steps in if your situation meets the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits, for example, you were dismissed and previously worked full-time for 12 months.

The maximum term of insurance coverage is 2 years.


Differences between banks: the amounts reimbursed

credit insurance

Unemployment insurance from all banks will pay the full amount of your monthly installments, except for the BCG, which only pays 50%.

PS: The deadlines given in this article are for information only.

Credit for trainees without Credit Bureau – Set up a small loan

A loan for trainees without a Credit Bureau is usually relatively difficult to obtain from direct and house banks, although a known form of a possible loan is probably the classic overdraft facility of the checking account. Here, the trainee and account holder can set up a small, fixed frame for their checking account, which can be used to cover this in an emergency.

Small loan with short-term

Small loan with short-term

As an actual loan, however, this is hardly an alternative, since the interest rates for an overdraft facility are more than average and the loan can therefore become very expensive. A classic installment loan is usually only possible for trainees as a small microcredit, although this is not necessarily guaranteed. While a trainee has a regular and secure income, the income can only be quantified in very small amounts.

Hardly any trainee in Germany earns four digits net per month, which is why there is hardly any scope for possible monthly installments. The loan for trainees without Credit Bureau also reveals another difficulty, because without a Credit Bureau query the bank lacks additional security, which is why it must automatically assume in part that the creditworthiness would suffer further if a Credit Bureau query. As a result, trainees can also expect to be rejected, even with small loans, if no further security can be provided.

With collateral for bank credit

With collateral for bank credit

A possible security can be the use of a guarantor, for example the parents or only one parent. For this, however, they must have sufficient creditworthiness and, accordingly, regular income of a corresponding amount. In addition, the parents or the parent must of course declare their willingness to provide a guarantee, since they are fully liable for the trainee or borrower in the event of a payment default. The secured work situation can be advantageous for a loan for trainees without Credit Bureau.

Trainees in Germany have an extremely high level of protection against dismissal, which is why termination without notice is only possible if the trainee is really disastrous or steals from the company. Nevertheless, the above-average protection against dismissal cannot hide the low net income of a trainee, which is why a vehicle registration certificate can also be used as additional security, as a replacement or in addition to the guarantee.

If you already have your own car, you can use it as attachable property for the loan. The car remains in the trainee’s possession, but remains the property of the bank for the duration of the loan. Nevertheless, the car can of course continue to be used in full, and the vehicle registration will be handed over again after the loan has been paid off.

Loan for 300 USD – Find best bank for cheap loan

The desires to be fulfilled do not always have to be great. Bills do not always amount to thousands of USD. If money is needed, a loan for 300 USD can also be taken out. In this case, we speak of a mini loan that can be taken out at any bank. The applicant will still have to inform, even if it is a small sum, before signing an application.

What are the options for borrowing?

What are the options for borrowing?

Since the loan for 300 USD is granted at almost every bank, it is important to decide how the loan will be drawn. On the one hand there is the normal installment loan. With 300 USD, it should be possible to pay back this sum in a few months. Banks often agree to an installment payment of 50 USD.

But there is also the possibility to expand your disposition. However, this should only be done if the sum can be paid within a month. The interest on a disposition loan is very high and only worthwhile for a short-term use. If you are unable to repay the loan for 300 USD within a month, you should opt for the installment loan.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

Since the loan for a $ 300 loan is very small, the bank will not require a lot of collateral. The most important security is the employment contract. Without this, it will not be feasible to raise a sum as small as 300 USD. This means that the unemployed are excluded from this option because they have no attachable income and can just make ends meet with social benefits. The Credit Bureau is rarely checked on the amount, which does not mean that there is not a bank that does it anyway.

The applicant must in any case be of legal age. If he is not, he can only apply for the loan with parental consent. Once the application has been signed, there is no need to wait long for the money. Banks often even transfer the loan amount immediately or pay it out in cash. So you can work with the money quickly and the purchase can be made immediately. The bills can also be paid immediately, so that at least on this side there is no charge.

Loan for unemployed at no extra cost


A loan for unemployed people with no upfront costs cannot be obtained from the house and car bank. Unemployed people cannot prove their creditworthiness and are therefore always rejected for credit inquiries. But even without a job, the urgent need for a loan can prevail and help to prevent the debt trap from slipping through high bills or unmanageable financial burdens.

If the washing machine or the car breaks down, the house needs to be renovated or the apartment renovated, or moving to a city with more chances for a new job is on the agenda, these wishes can hardly be fulfilled without financial support during unemployment, On the free financial market, anyone can get a loan for the unemployed without any upfront costs, even without proof of creditworthiness, and thus ensure a bit more quality of life.

Loans should not be compared

Loans should not be compared

Even if the request is urgent and the money is urgently needed, the applicant should take the time to compare different offers. Many lenders have specialized in loans for the unemployed without any upfront costs and are available on the free market with different interest and fees, as well as very different conditions. Only the comparison can bring transparency to the loans and make a decision for an offer that is based on well-founded information about the lender and the contractual terms.

It is definitely worthwhile to compare not only the interest and fees, but also the contractual terms and conditions for the loan in comparison for a loan for unemployed people without any upfront costs. A cheap offer is not only a factor in the low cost of the loan, it also includes the flexibility in the contract and thus the possibility of changing the repayment rates without renewed fees. Offers with prepayment for fees are discouraged, as they are rarely serious and therefore advantageous loans.

These guarantees lead to approval

These guarantees lead to approval

Since the unemployed cannot secure the credit for unemployed people with their creditworthiness at no extra cost, the lender requires other collateral to be approved. Real assets, capital-forming insurance or the guarantee of relatives or friends is definitely accepted as security. The loans can be used in different amounts, with or without proof of use. For all requirements and needs, there are suitable offers with options for protection that have to be provided by the applicant and potential borrowers. Even without a financial background, a guarantee or a co-applicant can even pay large sums and adequately secure them with the lender.

Take out a loan: Easy and quick to a payday loan

Long before you start looking for a payday loan, you should always try to keep your credit rating at a positive level. If you have already taken out loans, it is advantageous to repay the monthly installments regularly and on time.

Each provider, regardless of whether it is a house bank or an online provider, evaluates the creditworthiness of the customer when deciding whether the requested loan will be concluded. Both creditworthiness and creditworthiness are checked within this check. Data from external information points are also used for this.


Improve creditworthiness to get better interest

credit loans

A portability calculation is used to determine whether the borrower with the requested loan is still in a financial position to be able to pay everything back on time. Among other things, all income and expenditure are compared. The identity is also checked and the previous payment behavior is examined. The process of checking credit is the same for an online loan platform as it is for a bank.

Our tip: Would you like to find out how financial institutions or online providers rate your personal creditworthiness? At, private individuals can find online information on evaluating and documenting their creditworthiness.


Preparation is essential if you want to take out a loan

Knowing which documents are required to calculate the loan offer, you as a customer can have a decisive positive influence on the process, or at least accelerate it. If you would like to take out a loan and decide to apply for it from us, we need the following documents from you:

  • Valid passport or ID copy
  • Valid copy of the foreigner ID
  • Last 3 pay slips
  • Possibly. Copy of rental agreement
  • Possibly. Debt collection register extract
  • Possibly. Copy of bank statement

Our tip: Try to provide all the necessary documents before you submit your loan request. The application for the debt enforcement register extract usually takes 7-10 days.


Attention: Every credit request is registered and may have a negative impact on your creditworthiness in the future

money loan

As already mentioned above, banks and online providers use data from external information centers for verification. In addition to the CRIF, there is also the ZEK, central office for credit information. Both the credit inquiry and the final result of each customer are registered within this data point.

If you request a loan from several banks within a very short time, you can see this. If the loan request is rejected, this is also visible and can have a negative impact on the decision of other financial service providers. The data for banks and online providers are visible for 2 years.

For example, we recommend that you use credit calculators from online providers. So you get a tendency in advance without already having a ZEK entry.


How is the interest rate set?

How is the interest rate set?

In a direct comparison, online platforms have the option of offering lower interest rates than banks. The main reason is the lower costs. While banks provide and manage many branches, an online platform operates exclusively on the Internet via a website. However, the ultimate rate of interest for each borrower is based on the same principles.

The nominal interest rate is based on the determined credit rating. This indicates the amount of the pure interest costs for a loan. If additional costs (payment costs, insurance) are added, this is called the effective interest. The nominal interest rate is usually lower than the effective interest rate.

The interest the borrower has to pay reflects the likelihood that the loan will default. This means the lower the interest rate, the lower the probability that there will be a total loss. On the contrary, the interest rate rises with increasing probability of a total default.

The short-term SME loan – stay flexible

With our short-term SME loan, SMEs can absorb liquidity at short notice and at attractive conditions. The term for the short-term SME loan is one to six months. One of the most important advantages is that you only have to pay back the total costs (loan amount and interest) at the end of the term. The amortization or the monthly installments no longer apply. Take advantage of this and pre-finance invoices or bridge seasonal fluctuations without expensive interim repayments.


Short-term SME loan: Cheap alternative to factoring

credit loans

Factoring is a way to get short-term liquidity from the accounts receivable book without having to wait for your customer to pay the bill. You hand over your invoice to the factoring provider and receive liquidity. The factoring provider also takes on the risk of default in real factoring for you. Another way of factoring is that the invoice only serves as security and you get a loan. In this case, however, the risk of default remains with you. Factoring is usually associated with high interest rates. To be able to use factoring at all, you as an SME have to sell a receivable or present it as security.

With our short-term SME loan we would like to offer you a cheap alternative to factoring. You do not have to sell us any receivables, but for a short-term SME loan we take a holistic view of your company and check your application with the standards of a credit check. If you want to give us your accounts receivable book as security, we can also offer you better conditions. However, this is not a requirement.


What can you use the short-term SME loan for?

business loan: Cheap alternative to factoring

Use our short SME loan to

  • Prepay bills
  • to meet short-term liquidity needs or also
  • to pre-finance your current assets.


How does the short SME loan work?

How does the short SME loan work?

On our business loan website you can use our loan calculator to determine the loan amount and the term. Accordingly, you can view your monthly installment and start planning your loan. So far you could choose a term between 12 and 60 months.

With our short-term SME loan, you now have the option to set your term between one and six months. As soon as you have decided to apply for a business loan with us within this term, you will automatically benefit from the advantages of our short-term SME loan.

Use the short-term SME loan if you want to optimize your liquidity, finance research projects or invest in the growth of your company. Of course, you can also use the SME short-term loan to repay existing loans. On our overview page for SMEs you have the opportunity to choose between different needs.

Try our SME short-term loan calculator straight away and become flexible when it comes to liquidity optimization.


The short-term SME loan for our investors: the most important information

business loan

Our short-term SME loan gives you as an investor the opportunity to invest in a completely new asset class. By financing a short-term SME loan, you can additionally diversify your portfolio and thus also increase your return.

Important information for you as an investor:

  • If you plan to invest in a short-term SME loan, a direct debit (LSV + / Debit Direct) is required . Without this, an investment in a short-term SME loan is not possible. So we can debit your account directly on the due date and you have no further effort.
  • As with our installment loans, our solidarity agreement is also valid here . The fact that the short-term SME loan is a completely new type of loan means that the solidarity agreement applies to all investors of the same rating level who have investments in a short-term SME loan.
  • Due to the short term, as an investor you can not resell your investments on the secondary market .